Industrial Applications

Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)

Cleaning In Place or CIP is the most crucial single Application in Dairy, Beverage, Ice Cream, Drinking Water, ans Food Processing Industries.

This Application requires precise Dosing of Chemical, CIP Flow rate should be optimum, there should be no Dead Legs in the CIP System, Chemical Concentration in CIP solution is need to be optimized.

If CIP system is not working properly, it can cause losses on Plants which are drastic and non-reversible.

Regen has a solution for CIP:

“Regen CIP Expert” is a flagship program for all our Target Industries, we take every Customer very Seriously and make Custom Program Guidelines as per Plant’s nature and requirements, we Serve Thousands Plant locations Globally everyday with our “Regen CIP Expert” program. We have World’s best and more experienced team who have worked with all major Global Food and related Industries experts to offer you with a Perfect Program.

Cleaning-Out of-Place (COP)

Literally not every Cleaning application can be covered with CIP so we at Regen, Design and help our Customers to Implement a Custom Cleaning Out of Palace (COP) program which caters to their specific issues.

We have Technological Lead in this application as well over our Competitors as we have our own Innovative Cleaning Equipment Design Center in the United Kingdom for last 15 years, which have developed Award Winning tools and Tech for many Industries spreading from Food to Automotive Industries.

Many of our Competitors are using our Tech at their Customer’s locations which proves our strength in this field.

Our Technology is in Service at Global Air ports, Hospitals, Hotels, Super markets, Food Plants, Food Retail Chains, are a few to be mentioned here.

We are also Leading Innovation in this application as well which makes us unique in our Industry.

Conveyor Lubrication

Conveyor Lubrication is the most Technical application at Dairy, Food, and Beverage Industries where Chemical should be dosed at a certain concentration, Lubrication system turn on and off at certain intervels, water hardness and micro levels should be watched at all times, to get optimized Lubrication for your packages.

Regen offers, “Lubo Smart”, an innovative program to cater many Industries where Conveyor Lubrication is very much critical to get maximum speed with lowest Friction.

All major Industrial Companies and Groups are enjoying our products and solutions for this application.

We are manufacturing Conveyor Lubrication Systems at our Germany site which are installed and working Globally.

We offer complete solution with Chemicals and Technology to our Valued Customers so that they don’t have to worry about Conveyor Lubrication at their Plants.

Our Lubrication Technology offers, Dry, Wet and Semi Wet Lubricants to cater all types of Customer’s Conveyor Lubrication requirements.

Minerals for Drinking Water

Regen is manufacturing for the last 35 years necessary Minerals to make Mineral Water for Human Drinking purposes, as per World Health Organisation’s directions.

We are second to none when Minerals for Drinking water production values are considered.

We are manufacturing following Minerals for Drinking Water:

  1. Calcium Chloride
  2. Magnesium Sulphate
  3. Sodium bicarbonate
  4. Potassium bicarbonate

Our total manufacturing capacities for all above mentioned Minerals is 500 Metric Ton Annually.

Our Minerals are made to ensure 99+% Purity in Pure Product which ensure easy & Convenient Automatic Dosing and Maximum Product Concentration possible to make same taste of Water every time.

Regen Pure Minerals are for you if you want to produce a Healthy and Consistent in Taste Drinking Mineral water.

Our Water Experts are available at your service to make any type of Drinking Water Recipe you need, we have experience more than any other Mineral manufacturer for making Water Tasty as per your demand.