Dairy Processing Industry

Dairy Processing Industry is very complicated in terms of Cleaning and Sanitation as there is Milk and then Products made from milk like Yogurt, Cheese, Cream, Butter, Powder formulas, etc. These products are extremally fragile to microbial growth which requires extra sanitation protocols when compared to other Process food industries, so we have took is very seriously more than 50 years ago and made special Cleaning Regimes with our customers and still doing the same.

Regen has Innovative Solutions to save:

  1. Time
  2. Energy / Power
  3. Chemical Consumption
  4. Water

Our “Dairy Innovation Program” or DIR will ensure above stated savings which will ultimately Increase your Revenue.

We are currently working with World’s largest Milk, Yogurt & Ice Cream manufacturers and they are very strongly connected with our R&D Team at highest levels to ensure savings of millions of $$$ Annually.