Regen nahrstoff GmbH, is serving following Industries mainly:

Food Processing Industry

Regen offer complete and also Custom made Solutions for Different Food Processing Industries.

Our Solutions are meant to save Water, Time, Energy and Chemical Consumption at our Customers’ Cleaning and Hygiene applications which will result in more Revenue for our Valued Customers.

Our “Hygiene Specialist Program” for Food , Dairy, Beverages and Food Processing Industries is implemented at a large number of Clients Globally and Customers are getting more and more benefits with real time data analysis with our Technical teams.

Beverage Industry

Regen offers range of Chemical and Equipment Driven on Technology, to “traditional” non-alcoholic beverages such as Sodas, fruit juices, lemonades and mineral water. An increasing proportion of milk components, cereals and other additives makes the cleaning and disinfection of production and bottling plants more and more demanding and complicated. The range of products and services from Regen completely fair: An innovative product range that is always geared to the latest requirements and our well-founded process and application know-how have the right solution ready for all problems.

Dairy Farm Products

Regen offers, complete range of cleaning and sanitation products which are developed with the assistance of Industry Gurus in Netherlands, who are in the Dairy farming industry for many years.

We offer products for entry gate disinfection to Parlor CIP and teat cleaning, etc.

We work with World’s largest Dairy farms.

Dairy Processing Industry

Regen has Innovative Solutions to save:

  1. Time
  2. Energy / Power
  3. Chemical Consumption
  4. Water

Our “Dairy Innovation Program” or DIR will ensure above stated savings which will ultimately Increase your Revenue.

We are currently working with World’s largest Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream manufacturers and they are very strongly connected with our R&D Team at highest levels to ensure savings of millions of $$$ Annually.

Drinking / Mineral Water Industry

Regen is none to second in producing and selling its minerals for Drinking water in the World for last 35 years.

We produce following products “Regen Pure Minerals” at our Germany Factory for Mineral Water:

  1. Calcium Chloride
  2. Magnesium Sulphate
  3. Sodium bicarbonate
  4. Potassium bicarbonate

Our Minerals are produced in a “Clean Facility”, with Highest Food standards. Our factory is HACCP and ISO certified and we are Global leader in producing Minerals for Water which we specialized for last 35 years.

Above mentioned Minerals are Food Grade and Hilal Certified, Please contact to your local supplier of Regen Pure Minerals for any documentation you need for local Regulatory bodies.

“Regen Pure Minerals”, supplied in powder form which makes us an advantage to supply 99+% of pure product to ensure you make same taste of Mineral Water every time with our products, also ensure automatic dosing of these products.

Hotel and Leisure Industry

Regen offers a wide variety of products to Hotel and Leisure Industry, our products are now having innovative changes in Chemistry due to Covid-19 pandemic effects on this Industry. We make more competitive products which are more resilient to countering large variety of Viruses and Bacteria.

For Product details and technical survey of your establishment, kindly contact your local Regen teams.


Hospitals are Public domains and require extremely high disinfection requirements among all our customers.

We offer very specialized and innovative products due to Covid-19 pandemic, our products for Hospitals are wide range and covers many Hospital Applications.

Our Regen Hospital Division Teams are ready to serve you with large variety of Solutions.